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Forged in Fire

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

From Joliet, IL - Featuring

  • "The Green Machine" Mike Orlando vs. "The Adonis" Brian Valor
  • "The New Age Rampage" Russ Jones vs. "The Lone Wolf" Mason Beck
  • "The High Priest" William Jacobs vs. "Bulletproof" Ben McCoy
  • No Limits Champion "The Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams vs. JT Dunn
  • Hunter "PS" Hayes vs. Kikutaro
  • Tag Team Champions Chimera ("The Luchasauras" Vibora & Da Cobra) vs. The Haters (Pauly Thomaselli & Hardcore Craig)
  • The Congregation (Brother Backwoods Brown & Brother Machine) vs The Blacklist ("The Human Heat Machine" Tristin Hayze & "Real Talk" Brendan Conway)
  • Heavyweight Champion Aiden O'Shea with RJ Ewing vs. "The Shogun" Chris Williams


Saturday, February 25th, 2017

From Joliet, IL - Featuring

  • Lio Rush vs Shigehiro Irie
  • Tables Ladders and Chairs
    The Congregation vs The Blacklist vs The Haters
  • No Limits Championship: Da Cobra (champion) vs Aaron Williams
  • Logan Lynch vs Matty Star vs William Jacobs
  • Chimera (Vibora & Serpentico) vs Mason Beck & Russ Jones
  • Donovan Dijak vs Aiden O'Shea