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Zero1 USA has a nearly 12 year history of putting on high quality independent wrestling programming in the central Illinois area. Zero1 USA started out with humble beginnings as any promotion might. Then known as SLW or the Supreme League of Wrestling and eventually affiliating with and working under the banner of NWA Midwest our clientele of talent and quality of shows began to soar! In November 2011 after the dissolution and separation from the NWA regime SLW formed a partnership with the mighty Japanese promotion known as Zero1 and with their blessing Zero1 USA was formed and has been thriving ever since!

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Zero1 USA We Run This

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

From Mattoon, Illinois - Featuring:

  • Jake Lander vs Stephen Wolf
  • James Brady vs Manakin
  • Cardini vs Alex Rudolph
  • Oliver Cain vs Frank Wyatt
  • Zero1 USA Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Warhorse Jake Parnell vs Da Cobra
  • Kyle Hammer vs Ezra Zealous
  • Zero1 USA Women's Title Match: Savanna Stone vs Rahne Victoria
  • Harker Dirge and Ricky Rodriguez vs The Lowlifes (Joey O'Riley and Jordan Perry)

Zero1 USA Josho Monsuta Tournament

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

From Matton, Illinois - Featuring: 

  • Josho Monsuta Tournament Round One: Cardini vs Stephen King
  • Josho Monsuta Tournament Round One: KLD vs Zodiak
  • Josho Monsuta Tournament Round One: Danny Adams vs Jake Something
  • Josho Monsuta Tournament Round One: Aaron Orion vs Shank Barzini
  • Josho Monsuta Semi Final
  • Josho Monsuta Semi Final
  • Rahn Victoria and The Lowlifes (Joey O'Riley and Jordan Perry) vs Savanna Stone, Harker Dirge and Jake Lander

Decatur Civic Center Debut

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

From Decatur, IL - Featuring:

  • Jake Lander vs Da Cobra
  • Savanna Stone vs Angelina Love
  • KC Jackson vs Cooter Daniels
  • Jackson vs Truck Thompson
  • Jackson vs Mississippi Madman
  • Jake Garvin vs Oliver Cain
  • Hooligans vs Lowlifes
  • Harker Dirge vs Christian Rose
  • Steel Cage Main Event
    Shank Barzini vs Jake Parnell

Zero1 USA, May 26, 2018

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

From Mattoon, Illinois - Featuring: 

  • Battle Royal
  • J. Fowler and Nathen Edwards vs Stephen King and Cardini
  • Harker Dirge vs Ezra Zealous
  • Frank Wyatt vs Steve Manders
  • Zero1 USA World Tag Team Title Match: Joey O'Riley and Jordan Perry vs Danny Adams and Kevin Lee Davidson
  • Shank Barzini vs Jake Lander vs Oliver Cain
  • Zero1 USA Women's Title Match: Savanna Stone vs Rahne Victoria
  • Zero1 USA Heavyweight Title Match: Christian Rose vs Marko Stunt
  • Zero1 USA World Junior Heavyweight Title, Steel Cage Match: Gary Jay vs Jake Parnell 


3rd Annual Chris Cunningham Invitational

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

From Mattoon, IL - Featuring:

  • Oliver Cain vs Nick Brubaker
  • ZERO1 USA Women's Title:
    Savanna Stone (c) vs Kara-Noia
  • ZERO1 USA World Tag Team Title:
    Joey O'Riley and Jordan Perry (c) vs Cardini and Stephen King
  • Frank Wyatt vs Duke Cornell
  • 20 Man Battle Royal
  • Jake Parnell vs AJ Gray
  • ZERO1 USA Heavyweight Title No Disqualification:
    Christian Rose (c) vs Shank Barzini

The Tenkaichi Jr. (天下一Jr.) Tournament

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

From Matoon, IL - Featuring:

One night, 8 men, 7 matches to determine the 2018 Tournament winner!

Scheduled Participants:

  1. Edvin Kudic
  2. Myron Reed
  3. Dacobra
  4. Marko Stunt
  5. Oliver Cain
  6. Stephen Wolf
  7. Jake Lander
  8. Sage Phillips