Wicked Hanuman

Wicked Hanuman is on Powerbomb.tv

Wicked Hanuman is on Powerbomb.tv

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The legend of Wicked Hanuman only grows as time passes. Now for the first time you can stream it.


The Beginning

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Featuring

  • Cory Kastle vs. Mat Bomboy
  • Faith in Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) vs. Metro Sickness (Eric Tuttle & Jude)
  • Crazed vs. Jojo
  • Tables Match
    Danny Havoc & Nate Hatred with The Dew vs. VD (Eddie Valentine & Jon Dahmer) with Big Mac Smack
  • Jerry Lynn vs. Nicky Benz
  • Adam Flash & Monsta Mack vs. The New Irish Drinking Team (Andrew Martin & Ian Knoxx)
  • Low Ki vs. Ruckus vs. Sabian vs. Sonjay Dutt
  • Raven with Nicky Benz vs. Super Leather