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2005 King of the Death Matches Q&A

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

Like they do every year, IWA Mid-South held a question and answer session at this years King Of The Death Matches were fans can ask the wrestlers basically anything. Taking part in this years question and answer session were Ian Rotten, Mad Man Pondo, Nick Gage, The Thomasellis, Tank, Necro Butcher, Hellaware Assassin, Jimmy Jacobs & Toby Klein.

Wifebeater Shoot Interview (2003)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

The Wifebeater sat down with SMV to discuss his career. Topics covered include his match with Yamakawa where Yamakawa nearly died and what happened, the use of the weedwhacker, his many overseas trips, why he beat up Onita, how he got into hardcore, the many death matches hes done, how he got himself discharged from the USMC, what unusual body part he got pierced by Whacks, his thoughts on backyard wrestling and lots more covering his CZW and Japan career. He has thoughts and stories on many people including Abdullah the Butcher, Zandig, Justice Pain, Kojika, Jun Kasai, Mad Man Pondo, Johnny Kashmere, Trent Acid, Messiah, Nick Gage, Nate Hatred, Onita, Mike Samples, Yamakawa and tons more. 

Included is an additional 30 + minute never before released interview and the entire SMV catalog of footage featuring the Wifebeater not in CZW as an added bonus.

Ian Rotten Shoot Interview (2001)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2001

WARNING: This video contains explicit language. It has been uploaded in entirety from its original release. Powerbomb.TV does not condone the language used in this video and advises subscribers to view at their own discretion.

The Hardcore legend Ian Rotten sat down with Smart Mark Video to discuss his career. He talks for 4 hours and has tons of great stories from his early days training with Axl, to the early indy days around Maryland, to Global, to ECW, to his own promotion IWA Mid-South. Anyone who knows Ian knows his feelings about Paul Heyman and he holds nothing back in this interview. He talks about so many people that he's encountered throughout his career including Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Taz, Kerry Von Erich, The Patriot, Kamala, Adrian Street, Sabu, Public Enemy, Pitbulls, Tod Gordon, Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lawler, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Black Bart, Booker T, Bradshaw, Shane Douglas, Cactus Jack, Steiner Brothers, Mad Man Pondo, Corporal Robinson, and so many, many more. He discusses the matches he did with Axl that revolutionized ECW into being Extreme. He also talks in detail about his final days in ECW and what led to his leaving the company. He also discusses some stories from his overseas tours in Germany and Japan. He is very open and really doesn't hold anything back as he discusses his career. He also talks about the death match style of wrestling he has become famous for and the problems he's had with athletic commissions. This is one shoot interview you don't want to miss.

Missy Hyatt Shoot Interview (2000)

Saturday, May 13th, 2000

The "Walking Riot" Missy Hyatt sat down with Smart Mark Video to discuss her career. She talks about how she got into the wrestling business and discusses all the territories she's worked in including World Class, UWF, WWF, NWA, Continental, Memphis, WCW, ECW and others. Hear her thoughts on Bill Watts, Jim Ross, Paul E. Dangerously, The Steiner Brothers, Kevin Sullivan, The Rock, Taz, Eric Bischoff, The Von Erich's, Tom Pritchard, Sandman, Stevie Richards, and so very many more. She gives her thoughts on the many other women of the wrestling business including Sable, Kimona, Lita, Sherri Martel, Terri Runnels, Electra, Francine, Beulah, Madusa, Dark Journey, Sunshine and more. She also discusses the many relationships she's had including her former husband Eddie Gilbert, John Tatum, Scott Putski, Road Warrior Hawk, Jason Hervey and others. She discusses her lawsuit with WCW, her appearances on talk shows and so much more. This is one shoot interview you don't want to miss!

Dennis Coralluzzo Shoot Interview (2000)

Saturday, April 1st, 2000

Hear one of the most controversial, outspoken promoters in wrestling history tell all in this explosive shoot interview. Dennis talks about how he got started in the wrestling business and the many stories from the past 15+ years. He has stories on everyone including Jim Cornette, Eddie Gilbert, Paul Heyman, Terry Funk, Chris Benoit, Dan Severn, Dory Funk Jr., Jerry Lawler, Brian Hildebrand, Ian Rotten, Crowbar, ECW, Memphis, and so much more. He talks about the NWA and things he used to do to get publicity. He talks about his war with Paul Heyman and ECW and things he used to do to them. He gives his views on the "biggest pieces of s++t" in the business, and only as Dennis can, he gives his list of towns hes burned. Truely hilarious stuff. Anyone who knows Dennis, knows he speaks his mind and he did just that. Not too long after this interview Dennis passed away. This is classic Dennis Coralluzzo.

Manny Fernandez Shoot Interview (2000)

Tuesday, February 1st, 2000

The Raging Bull sat down to discuss his 20+ year career. He talks in detail of getting started in the business down in Texas while attending West Texas State, the school notorious as a breeding ground for wrestlers. He talks of all his early influences such as Dick Murdoch, Blackjack Mulligan, Stan Hansen, Terry Funk, Dory Funk and others. He discusses all the territories he has worked in including NWA for Crockett, Southwest, Florida, New Japan, AWA, Memphis, Puerto Rico and so many others. He has so many great stories on such people as Wahoo McDaniel, Bruiser Brody, Dick Slater, Tully Blanchard, Rick Rude, Paul Jones, Gary Albright, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Andre the Giant, Harley Race, Buzz Sawyer, Vader, Jack Brisco, and so many, many more. If you're a fan of old school wrestling, then this is one shoot you dont want to miss as Manny has been everywhere and has awesome stories to tell.