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Grand Slam Wrestling is on

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Jingle Brawl The Way

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

From Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • Mike Vaughn vs Bo Nakoda
  • Tony Deppen vs Desean Pratt
  • Jay Freddie vs Stevie Shields vs Clay Drasher
  • Keita Murray vs Kit Raff
  • The Kris Kingle Battle Royal Sean Silence, Carver Cross, Jamie Senegal, Mike Vaughn,
  • Mike Skyros, Commander Ephex and more...
  • Jacoby Riddick vs Trajan Horn
  • Last Man Standing: Brute Vanslyke vs Action Ortiz
  • Team Blue and Gold (Andy Header and Matt Turner) vs American Gaijin (Jay Freddie and Rory Gulak)

Turkey Bowl 4: Night Two

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

Watch the exciting conclusion to Turkey Bowl 4 as GSW streams the Semi-Final and Finals matches to crown the winners of Turkey Bowl 4.

Turkey Bowl 4: Night One

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

Turkey Bowl 4 Opening Round Matches:

  • Team GSW (Bo Nekoda, Matt Turner, and Mike Vaughn) vs Team True (Kras Val Tassel, Sean Silence and Big Aaron Nasy)
  • Brute Squad (Brute Van Slyke, Jacoby Riddick, and Kevin Cartwright) vs Putty Club (Putty, Putty, and Putty)
  • The Devil's Rejects(Jamie Senegal, Jason King and Bre Lane)  vs Team HOG (Adam Cain, Caveman, and Matequilla)
  • Coach Fit (Rod Wylder and Fuchsia Fusion) vs Team BBTC (Carver Cross, Peter Doors and Harzang) 
  • Revolution (Commander Ephex, Mike Skyros and ???) vs Team WXW (Sam Adams, "The Cinema" Stevie Shields and Tommy Hartt)
  • Team CHIKARA (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge) vs Thickboy Xpress (Kit Raff, Trajan Horn and Action Ortiz)

Mighty Morphin Grand Slam

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • Four Way Match for the GSW Adrenaline Championship:Clay Dasher (c) vs Commander Ephex vs Kit Raff vs Mike Skyros
  • For the GSW Heavyweight Title: Bo Nakoda (c) vs Sean Silence
  • The Stepdads vs Fuschia Fusion
  • Brute Van Slyke vs Carver Cross and Kevin Cartwright
  • GSW Tag Team Championship: Blue and Gold (Mike Vaugh and Andy Header) (c) vs Mike Skyros and Jacoby Riddick
  • Stevie Shields vs Jamie Senegal
  • For the HWA/GSW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Trajan Horn (c) vs Tommy Hart
  • For the Back Breakers Training Academy Championship: Kitt Raff (c) vs Rodd Wylder

Adrenaline Rush

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • "Mr. Good Luck" Sam Adams vs "Studly" Steve McKenzie vs "The Cougar Hunter" Rodd Wylder
  • HWA/GSW Jr. Title Match: "Chubby Daddy" Trajan Horn vs "The Cinema" Stevie Shields
  • Adrenaline Title Semi-Finals: Jacoby Riddick vs Commander Ephex vs Adam Cain vs Clay Drasher
  • Adrenaline Title Semi-Finals: Shane Malice vs Tony Deppen vs Ace Austin vs ???
  • Fuchsia Fusion vs Carver Cross and Joe Perfect
  • No DQ: Mike Skyros vs Kevin Cartwright
  • Sean Silence vs Kevin "The Man" Graham
  • GSW Title Match: Bo Nekoda vs Justyn Glory
  • GSW Adrenaline Title Finals


Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - with special Guest Gary Michael Cappetta - Featuring:

  • Kevin "The Man" Graham vs "Cutthroat" Adam Cain
  • Cyrus Mars, Johnny Pop, Sam Adams vs John Wes, Carver Cross, Steve McKenzie
  • Commander Ephex vs Sean Silence
  • Number One Contender for the HWA/GSW Jr. Title: "Chubby Daddy" Trajan Horn vs Shane Malice
  • Rodd Wylder vs Angus
  • GSW Tag Team Title Match: The Cash Masters vs Blue and Gold
  • GSW Title and Adrenaline Title Match: Bo Nekoda vs Brute Van Slyke

Guardians of the Valley

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Streamed Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • HWA/GSW Jr. Title Match: "The Cinema" Stevie Shields (c) vs "The Chubby Daddy" Trajan Horn
  • Brute Van Slyke Open Workout
  • Shane Storm vs Commander Ephex
  • Kevin "The Man" Graham with Phil Stamper vs Sean Silence with Chio Frost
  • Mike Skyros vs Kevin Cartwright
  • GSW Title Match: Bo Nekoda (c) vs Shane Storm
  • GSW and Phoenix Pro Tag Team Title Ladder Match: The Cash Masters vs THe Impeccables vs Blue and Gold

Civil War

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Live from Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • 10 Man Barbed Wire Cage Match: The United Stamper Alliance (Kevin "The Man" Graham, Sean Silence, Trajan Horn and The Impeccables) vs Team GSW (Mike Vaugh, Brute VanSlyke, Stevie Shield, and The Cash Masters)
  • Mike Skyrose vs Kevin Cartwright
  • Showcase Match: The Whisper vs RazerHawk
  • Tony Deppen vs Jacoby Riddick vs Shane Storm
  • Ken Phoenix vs Commander Ephex
  • Cyrus Mars and Rebecca Payne vs Blue and Gold
  • Number One Contender to the GSW Title: Bo Nekoda vs Gran Akuma


Saturday, April 8th, 2017

From Old Forge, Pennsylvania - Featuring:

  • GSW Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Vaughn (c) vs Cyrus Mars
  • Bo Nekoda vs Shane Malice
  • Kevin Graham vs Rex Taylor
  • GSW Adrenaline Title Match: Brute VanSlyke (c) vs Gran Akuma
  • The Cash Masters (Clay Drasher and Shawn Andrews) vs The Revolution
  • Jacobby Riddick vs Kevin Cartwright
  • Eight Man Tag Team Match: AJ Evers, Andy Header, Matt Turner, and Stevie Shields vs United Stamper Alliance (Dark Phoenix, Keita Murray, Kit Cassidy and Sean Silence)

Legends of Grand Slam Wrestling

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Live From Old Forge, Pennsylvania Featuring:

  • GSW/HWA Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Dark Phoenix (c) vs Adam Falcon
  • Clay Drasher vs Kevin Graham
  • GSW Tag Team Title Match: The Impeccables (Keita Murray and Kit Cassidy) (c) vs Andy Header and Matt Turner
  • Dante Dio and Kevin Cartwright vs Jacobby Riddick and Mike Skyros
  • GSW Adrenaline Title Match: Brute VanSlyke (c) vs Commander Ephex
  • Jay Freddie vs Jonathan Gresham
  • GSW Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Vaughn (c) vs Stevie Shields

The New 52

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

From Old Forge, PA - Featuring:

  • Commander Ephex vs "Mr. Saturday Night" AJ Evers
  • Jordan Len-X vs Mark Hartt
  • "The World's Greatest Stuntman" Danger Jameson vs "Serious Business" Andy Header
  • "The Chopsaw Outlaw" Bo Nekoda, Mike Skyros & Jacoby Riddick vs "The Unionized Traffic Regulator" Shane Storm, Kevin Cartwright & Dante Dio
  • Wild Phoneix vs "Your Technical Nightmare" Matt Turner
  • Desean Pratt vs Jay Freddie
  • The Impeccables vs The CashMasters vs GSW Tag Team Champions The TakeOver (c)
  • GSW Adrenaline Championship Match "So F'N Big" Brute Van Slyke (c) vs Gran Akuma
  • GSW Championship Match: "Maniac" Mike Vaughn vs Kevin "The Man" Graham with Phil Stamper

Grand Slam to the Future

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

From Old Forge, PA and Streamed Live Worldwide on - Featuring:

  • Rodd Wylder vs El Vaquero
  • Gauntlet Match: Andy Header, Angus Bedford, Danger Jameson, Sean Silence, Wild Phoenix
  • Kevin Cartwright defeated Dante Dio by DQ
  • Shane Storm vs Bo Nekoda
  • Matt Turner defeated Jay Freddie
  • The Impeccables vs Commander Ephex and Rex Taylor
  • Desean Pratt vs Chuck Taylor
  • GSW Adrenaline Championship: Brute VanSlyke (c) vs AJ Evers
  • GSW Tag Team Championship: The Takeover (c) vs Mike Skyros and Jacoby Riddick
  • Kevin Graham vs Stevie Shields
  • Non-Title Match: GSW Heavyweight Champions Mike Vaughn vs Fire Ant