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On the Fringe is on Powerbomb.tv

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GLOB: The Gorgeous Ladies of Burlesque

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

A tribute to GLOW presented by Broad Street Burlesque.

Enraptured by the glamour and grit of the squared circle, Liberty Rose and Kate Nyx step off the stage and into the ring. Enter Scaly Joe Cobra [played by Ophidian the Cobra] to show them the ropes and Irish whip them into fighting shape...but will their seductive sensibilties help or hurt their headlocks? Sweat, sequins, and suplexes? We've got it all at GLOB. where wrestling and burlesque collide.


  • Bunny Buxom
  • Renaissance Noir
  • Jezabelle Von Jane
  • Josh Schonewolf
  • Schaffer the Darklord
  • Dr. Mr. Referee Dan Yost