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Based in Metropolis, IL, Chaos Pro Wrestling's "American Strong Style" was one of the earliest homes of stars like Chuck Taylor and Ricochet. CPW provided a hard hitting, smash mouth style of wrestling including their annual death match tournament 7 Deadly Sins.


Rise To Power

Friday, April 26th, 2013


  • 15 Man Battle Royal
  • Austin Rose vs Aaron XTC
  • "American Muscle" Dave Russle vs Reed Bentley
  • En Fuego vs Frank Wyatt w/Dr. Col. Nolan Angus
  • Zakk Sawyers vs Hex Gage
  • Infinit1 Championship Match Mikey McFinnegan (c) vs Jeremiah Plunkett
  • Ladder Match for the CPW Heavyweight Title Ty Blade (c) w/Bull Bronson vs Chic Canyon w/Hex Gage

35 Days Later

Friday, March 8th, 2013


  • Infinit1 Championship Match: Mikey McFinnegan (c) vs Jake Dirden
  • "Farmer" Billy Hills & Aaron XTC vs "American Muscle" Dave Russle & En Fuego
  • "Working Man" Frank Wyatt w/ Dr. Col. Nolan Agus vs "The Tru" Trent Ware
  • David Vaughn vs "The Alternative" Brandon Gallagher
  • "The Future of Flight" Richochet vs "Magnum" Shane Smalls
  • Chic Canyon vs Zakk Sawyers
  • CPW Heavyweight Championship: Ty Blade (c) vs Bull Bronson


Friday, February 1st, 2013

The fallout from 7 Deadly Sins Begins with Atonement

  • Featuring:
  • Chic Canyon vs Bull Bronson
  • "American Muscle" Dave Russle vs Austin Rose
  • Matt Cage vs Jay Spade
  • Hex Gage vs Frank Wyatt
  • Ax Allwardt w/Gaylord Stevens vs Kyle Sykes
  • "Farmer" Billy Hills vs Aaron XTC
  • Infinit1 Championship Match Christian Rose (c) vs Mikey McFinnegan
  • CPW Heavyweight Championship Match Ty Blade (c) vs Zakk Sawyers

7 Deadly Sins 2012

Friday, December 7th, 2012

The Biggest and Bloodiest Death Match Tournament of 2012 - Chaos Pro Wrestling's 7 Deadly Sins


  • 6 Man Tag Match with Matt Cage, Frank Wyatt & Austin Rose vs Aaron XTC, Joey O'Riley & Zakk Sawyers
  • True Grit Sandpaper Death Match: Chic Canyon vs Ty Blade
  • Seven Deadly Stockings: Mikey McFinnegan vs Bull Bronson
  • Unlucky 13: Mad Man Pondo vs Coma White
  • Boards, Lights, & Tacks: Crazy Mary Dobson vs Reed Bentley
  • Tei Pei Death Match: Semi-Finalists
  • Barbed Wire Boards: Semi-Finalists
  • Christian Rose(c) vs Hex Gage for the Infinite1 Championship
  • Fans Bring The Weapons: 7 Deadly Sins Tournament Finalists

The Infinit1 Gauntlet - 2012

Friday, July 6th, 2012

From Metropolis, IL - Featuring:

  • Bull Bronson vs Dave Russle
  • Drew Haskins vs Matt Yaden
  • The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage & Alex Castle) vs Zakk Sawyers & Kyle Sykes
  • The Infinit1 Gauntlet: Christian Rose, Hex Gage, Trent Ware, Mikey McFinnegan, Doomsday, Reed Bentley, Shane Smalls, Coma White, No. 1 Bob & Aaron XTC
  • No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere: Jeremiah Plunkett vs Chic Canyon

Strong Style Summit - The Conclusion

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

From Metropolis, IL - Featuring:

  • Hex Gage vs Ty Blade
  • Bull Bronson vs Dave Russle
  • Joey O'Riley vs Mikey McFinnegan vs. Trent Ware vs. Aaron XTC
  • Both Strong Style Summit Semi-Finals
  • Chaos Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match: Zakk Sawyers (c) vs Alex Castle
  • Strong Style Summit Finals

Strong Style Summit - Part One

Friday, May 18th, 2012

From Metropolis, IL - Featuring:

  • Strong Style Summit Opening Round Match: Christian Rose vs Billy Hills
  • Strong Style Summit Opening Round Match: Kyle Sykes vs Alex Castle
  • Strong Style Summit Opening Round Match: Shane Smalls vs Jeremiah Plunkett
  • Strong Style Summit Opening Round Match: Matt Cage vs Joey O'Riley
  • Aaron XTC, Isaac Draven & No. 1 Bob vs. Bull Bronson, Nick Ferrero & Mikey  McFinnegan
  • Malaki Cross & Ty Blade vs Chic Canyon & Hex Gage
  • Chaos Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeremy Travis (c) vs Zakk Sawyers
  • NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Match: Drew Haskins (c) vs Ricochet